Craig Penny Workshop


“My work has improved so much, I finally produce effects that I want in a loose, atmospheric way, without repainting and redoing.”

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Total Cost: $795

This is a workshop to embed amazing new skills into the artist that really wants to paint loose and fast. It’s in Acrylic with a master of the Medium, Craig Penny.


Perfect for a birthday, Mothers, or Father’s Day gift for your loved one. We are so lucky to have Craig Penny in at Surfcoast Gallery for a brilliant workshop this coming May.

“Craigs techniques stretched my brain to paint loose, let go of details, use artistic licence, and create an enhanced colour palette.”


Yes there will be row boats

Yes there will be Beaches

Yes there will be 3 canvases

Lunch at a local café is at your own expense.

Everything is supplied, but feel free to bring your own favourite brushes.


9:30am to 4:30pm Saturday and Sunday
At the Surfcoast Gallery
110 Surfcoast Hwy, Torquay


About the artist

Born in Mildura, Craig has shown an interest in art and drawing from a very young age and has created a successful career as a professional artist.
In 1970, the family moved to the Western District of Victoria and Craig’s love of art and artistic interests extended into ceramics
and sculpture.

Craig has skills in a range of mediums. He taught both traditional drawing, illustration and digital drawing at both Victoria University and Swinburne University.
Craig never lost his love of using traditional methods and specialises in watercolour, acrylic painting and illustration.

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