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Sea of Memories

Jacki’s love of creating portraits that can be passed down through families has her wanting to expand to a less formal setting.
Place your family & loved ones, kids & favorite toy, even your beloved fur babies in the boat at the Gallery for the team to take your picture to be made into an original oil painting. It may even be yourself that wants to take of onto a journey commemorating a special moment in life.

Capturing the spirit of your family in each original it will carry a “Sea of Memories “ into future generations.
Bookings essential Price starts at $1650.00 includes three figures additional cost for more.

As each piece is an original cost needs to be discussed.

If you are thinking for a gift please allow plenty of time for creation and drying.


Land & Seascapes

Highlight a specific area of your home or office with an original piece of art. A painting can be created to coordinate with the decor and theme or mood of your home or office and may also incorporate a special location or memory.


Professional portraits of people and pets. Private sittings combined with photos are required depending on availability of the model.

Commissioned Art

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